New York City Struggling With Influx of Asylum-Seekers

Photo by Redd F on Unsplash

( – According to a recent Newsweek report, New York City is reaching its “breaking point,” with more than 900 people arriving in a single day. Deputy Mayor for Health & Human Services Anne Williams-Isom during a May 17 briefing at City Hall announced these latest numbers, while also pointing out that Mayor Eric Adams had committed to ensuring that none of the migrants would be left to “sleep on the streets.”

She pointed out that currently, New Yorkers needed to understand that the city was in a state of emergency and that their system was at its breaking point. She added that they were examining all possible options in order to determine what the best decisions would be.

Williams-Isom stated that New York City has spent $1 billion to house thousands of asylum seekers who have reached the city, and it’s believed that the number of migrants could increase to $4.3 billion through June 2024.

Newsweek reported that even prior to the arrival of the migrants, the city had to deal with an influx in homelessness which led to shelters being overwhelmed. In the past year, more than 60,000 migrants have arrived in New York. Following the expiration of Title 42, a public health order which allowed for the faster expulsion of immigrants who entered the country during the health emergency, 4,200 reportedly migrants arrived in New York.

Williams-Isom, in the briefing, proceeded to call on federal lawmakers to make changes that would help protect the country and its border, and argued that New York was not in a position to handle the crisis on its own.

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