NICU Nurse Makes Over 50 Halloween Costumes for Patients Each Year

Photo by Omar Lopez on Unsplash

( – One NICU nurse has a passion for making sure all of her small patients have Halloween costumes. Lilly Fox, who works at the New York-Presbyterian Alexandra Cohen Hospital for Women and Newborns, makes over 50 costumes yearly in order to give families this sense of normality that they do not otherwise have.

Fox will usually pick a theme and create all of the costumes based on that theme. In 2022, she created 54 individual costumes with the theme being animals. In 2023, she chose the theme to be “food” which was reported to lead the NICU being transformed into an area filled with different “foods” including strawberries, a burrito, a popcorn box, and other costumes. Fox stated that she was hoping to have even more costumes made than she had last year.

In an interview with Fox News Digital, Fox stated that there was nothing cuter than having babies dressed up in costume. She added that with the help of other NICU nurses, they were going to give out costumes to all the families that wanted one for their babies.

Usually, they will put all the costumes in a cart and then go around showing the options to families and asking them what they would like to dress their baby as. Fox pointed out that being in the NICU Is often an isolating experience and that parents don’t get to have the first baby experiences that they would have expected to have if they were outside the NICU.

Fox also stated that the costumes have to be able to accommodate the needs of her tiny babies which is why often they just include headpieces and hats.

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