No Charges To Be Filed After Britney Spears Claimed She Was Slapped

hnkkk, CC BY-SA 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

( – TMZ released a video captured by a surveillance camera that allegedly showed Britney Spears being slapped following an incident where the security guard pushed her hand off of San Antonio Spurs’ Victor Wembanyama.

Spears claimed that Wembanyama’s security team had assaulted her and backhanded her after she approached him for a picture. However, Las Vegas Police determined following their investigation that no charges are going to be filed in connection to this case. According to them, she smacked herself in the face by accident.

Fox News Digital obtained the incident report which noted that a person in Spears’ camp informed police that the pop star had been “backhanded” by the security guard’s closed fist. The person added that once they were at dinner, the security guard apologized for the incident.

However, the incident report included the security footage, and police said they determined that Spear’s hand had been pushed by the security guard, causing her to hit herself. Spears, however, had claimed that she was assaulted by the security guard.

Spears said in her statement that while she is aware that the player claimed she had grabbed him, in reality, she had just tapped his shoulder when the security guard backhanded her. She added that the force almost caused her glasses to fall from her face.

Spears proceeded to say that she often gets swarmed wherever she goes, including that night, and yet her security team never assaulted or hit anyone.

Wembanyama revealed to reporters that he was not aware that Spears had been the person involved in the altercation. As he said he just remembered his security guards pushing away the person who grabbed him from behind.

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