North Korea Fires Missiles

North Korea Fires Missiles

( – Tensions have run high between the United States and North Korea for decades, particularly in light of North Korea’s ongoing efforts to become a nuclear power. Things leveled off for a while during the Trump administration. However, North Korean hostility seems to have risen since President Joe Biden assumed office.

CNBC reported on March 23 that North Korea conducted a missile test over the weekend. Senior Biden administration officials confirmed they were monitoring the situation, but stressed that they considered the move a low-level provocation.

The following day, Reuters reported on comments from Japan’s prime minister, Yoshihide Suga. He said that North Korea had fired two ballistic missiles in the sea near the Japanese coast.

Current UN Security Council resolutions ban the testing of ballistic missiles by North Korea, which is another point to consider in the negotiations between Biden administration officials and Pyongyang.

Japan lodged a formal protest about the test launches, and the Department of Defense’s U.S. Indo-Pacific Command released a statement saying it was consulting with allies and monitoring the situation. We will keep you updated on this breaking story.

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