North Korea Hit by Possible Cyberattacks, Researchers Say

North Korea Reportedly Hit by Cyberattacks

( – North Korea severely limits internet access to its people, according to Reuters. While nobody outside the Hermit Kingdom knows the actual number, experts estimate only a small number of people can use the service. But, after an alleged cyberattack on January 26, nobody was able to get online.

During the morning hours, the latest incident disrupting internet service in North Korea occurred. While there’s no official known cause, a potential distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attack is assumed. This outage marks the second time the country has lost internet in the past couple of weeks. The first occurrence was on January 14.

According to experts, there was no traffic to or from the country at the peak of the incident. Anyone trying to connect to the Internet would get errors from all North Korean IP addresses. Email service came back up hours after the onslaught, but some servers remained down, including the official government portal.

Even though outages are nothing new in the country, researchers said the evidence shows there was some type of stress on the network leading to the issues, a characteristic of a DDoS attack. They stopped short of pointing the finger at any one country or group who could be behind it.

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