North Korea Restarts Weapons Tests After COVID Outbreak

North Korea Restarts Weapons Tests After COVID Outbreak

Missiles LAUNCHED – Kim Jong Un’s at It Again!

( – North Korea conducted its first missile test since June on August 17. Reports out of Seoul were vague, saying the launch site was in the South Pyongan province. United Nations Security Council resolutions seemingly don’t apply because they only ban ballistic tests and not the cruise missiles used in this operation.

The Hermit Kingdom has reportedly just emerged from another large wave of COVID-19 infections that sickened about one-fifth of its people. While the government was silent on whether leader Kim Jong-un became ill, his sister alluded to him being very sick. She blamed the situation on pamphlets dropped by South Korea and vowed revenge, according to a report from Newsweek.

North Korea’s missile tests help it to develop weapons. Each operation is another step toward whatever goal Kim hopes to achieve. According to the Center for Strategic International Studies, the nation ultimately hopes to develop a projectile that can reliably reach the US. The maneuvers often coincide with other events to ensure maximum political impact and attention.

This time the move comes right before a scheduled combined training event involving personnel from the United States and South Korea. The allies aim to increase operational readiness to combat the ongoing North Korean threat. It also coincided with South Korean President Yoon Suk Yeol’s 100th day in office. The Seoul-based politician remains critical of the north.

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