NRI Senior Fellow Speaks Out on New York City Decision to Let Non-Citizens Vote

NRI Senior Fellow Speaks Out on New York City Decision to Let Non-Citizens Vote

( – New York City made waves when it announced plans to pass legislation allowing non-citizens to vote in local elections. While this won’t impact national elections, there are still concerns it’s a move in the wrong direction.

Conservative pundit Andrew McCarthy said on Fox News Digital the move would only increase the size and power of the government. The National Review Institute senior fellow explained the measure, which headed to Mayor Bill de Blasio’s desk on December 9, is a Democratic ploy to increase the party’s numbers.

Supporters of the law say it’s essential to ensure fair representation for everyone who lives in the city. City Council member Ydanis Rodriguez explained immigrants are important to the city’s economy and deserve a voice.

McCarthy noted the Left’s support from registered voters is eroding due to failed measures, and allowing non-citizens to participate in elections will boost their numbers. He said it’s the only reason Liberals took up this cause.

The senior fellow expressed concern the new law would allow non-citizens the chance to influence elections and might lead to allowing them to run for office. He admitted it likely wouldn’t change how NYC votes because the base is already progressive, but he said it could force those on the Conservative side out of the city. The resulting loss in tax dollars could lead to financial issues for a place that is already struggling.

McCarthy was vehement the move goes against the Constitution. Ignoring the law of the land on something like this is a slippery slope, according to McCarthy. He encouraged state leaders to step in and declare this NYC law invalid.

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