Nun Punished for Stealing Money From School

Nun Punished for Stealing Money From School

( – When one thinks of a nun, they often think of helpful ladies who serve the church and assist people. They don’t think of someone who steals from the very Catholic school they manage. But that’s exactly what Sister Mary Margaret Kreuper of Torrence, CA did.

On Monday, January 7, a judge sentenced Kreuper, who worked as the principal of St. James Catholic School for 28 years, to one year and one day in prison for stealing over $830,000 from the institution. US District Judge Otis D. Wright II said he struggled with her sentence when faced with a mixed reaction from the community.

Throughout the years, Kreuper took tuition checks and used them to fund trips to Las Vegas and Lake Tahoe, where she also used the money to gamble. In the meantime, the school suffered from a lack of necessities such as books and classroom supplies. Additionally, students didn’t take field trips because there were no funds available.

Kreuper, now 80 years old, apologized for her actions, reportedly admitting to Judge Wright, “I was wrong, and I am profoundly sorry for the pain and the suffering that I have caused so many people.”

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