NYC Assemblywoman Says Migrants’ Vehicles Were Towed at Shelter

Photo by Giulia Lorenzon on Unsplash

( – Recently, Assemblywoman Jaime Williams, a Democrat from New York, expressed her concern over an incident involving migrants and their vehicles in Brooklyn. Williams, who represents areas like Marine Park and Canarsie, captured footage of cars, which she believed belonged to migrants, being towed from outside a Brooklyn shelter. She described the video as “unbelievable,” expressing her belief that “we deserve answers” because it seemed like the migrants had greater resources than the “average American.”

Williams recounted witnessing migrants rushing from tents as tow trucks arrived, with one individual holding a vehicle title. This prompted her to question the origin of these vehicles. The New York Post reported that at least five vehicles were towed from Floyd Bennett Field for illegal parking. Williams noted that among these were SUVs and a pickup truck, none of which had license plates.

In an interview on “Fox & Friends First,” Williams shared her frustration over the lack of responses from authorities regarding the source of these vehicles. She emphasized the need for transparency, particularly in light of the challenges New York City faces due to the influx of migrants. Mayor Eric Adams has previously spoken about these struggles, highlighting the impact on the city’s budget.

Williams strongly criticized what she views as a misuse of taxpayer dollars and the lack of attention from the Biden administration to what she calls a national crisis. She expressed concern about the effects of this situation in her district, citing increased lawlessness and the burden it places on local residents.

The issue, according to Williams, requires bipartisan attention. She and Councilwoman Joann Ariola have taken up this cause, not as a party-specific issue but as one impacting all residents in their districts. Williams called for more politicians, irrespective of party affiliation, to recognize and address these challenges, asserting the duty owed to every taxpaying citizen.

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