NYC Ice Cream Truck Proposal Faces Criticism

Photo by Alexey Taktarov on Unsplash

( – Some ice cream truck owners are concerned about the new New York City proposal that would require them to use eco-friendly power sources for their trucks. A pair of owners has complained that this switch would hurt their business.

Ed and Carol Lachterman, who own Ice Cream Emergency, stated during a segment of “Fox & Friends” on Monday, August 7, that the new proposal was “ridiculous.” E. Lachterman added that solar would not even work in a home where the trees are too tall, and yet they believe that driving a solar-powered truck in the city is feasible. He proceeded to say that it was “ridiculous” and that it would just result in the costs of the products going to skyrocket.

The proposal was introduced by Brooklyn Councilman Lincoln Restler recently and it would require ice cream trucks to get rid of their fuel-powered generators in favor of other options within the next three years. As a result of the switch, ice cream truck owners would be required to either use solar-powered or electric-powered machines which could end up costing them thousands of dollars.

C. Lachterman argued that should the proposal go through, they would need to increase the price of their ice cream. Her husband also claimed that this would have a negative impact on both the economy and many owners of small businesses.

According to Fox News, many have criticized this proposal stating that it is part of the city’s attack on small business owners. The New York Post reported that the New York City Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) set a new rule previously that would mandate that pizzerias that had ovens of coal or wood fire installed before 2016 reduce their carbon emissions by 75 percent through the installation of a special filter.

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