Officials Face Backlash for Derek Chauvin Trial Comments

Officials Face Backlash for Derek Chauvin Verdict Comments

( – Juries are supposed to consider the facts of a case and render a verdict free from outside pressures. Serious questions have arisen regarding Derek Chauvin’s trial for his role in the death of George Floyd. He sits in a prison cell awaiting sentencing after receiving guilty verdicts on three counts on April 20.

There is already talk of an appeal due to the actions of Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA). She spoke to reporters and protesters in Minnesota about Chauvin’s trial on April 17. She said that people needed to “stay in the street… and fight for justice” if the jury acquitted Chauvin.

The judge overseeing Chauvin’s trial criticized her remarks but rejected a defense motion for a mistrial. However, he did say that Waters’ comments may have given the defense the means to have “this whole trial… overturned.”

President Biden also spoke out about the trial before the jury handed down their verdict, but jurists were already sequestered and unaware of his remarks.

As one might expect, the backlash to their meddling was swift. Former White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany blasted Biden, saying he shouldn’t “inflame the tensions.” Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) plans to introduce a resolution to toss Waters from Congress for inciting violence.

America is supposed to operate under the rule of law, meaning no one — not even a member of Congress or a president — is above the law and free to meddle in an ongoing trial.

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