Officials Finally Moving To Ease Restrictions in Shanghai

Officials Finally Moving To Ease Restrictions in Shanghai

China Lockdown Takes MAJOR Turn – Is The End Finally In Sight?

( – For about two months, residents in Shanghai, China, experienced intense lockdowns shuttering them from work, daily errands, and in some cases, even emergency healthcare. Yet, the end of these draconian measures is seemingly in sight for many in the nation’s largest city.

At midnight on Tuesday, May 31, Chinese authorities began taking down fences barricading housing developments and removing tape barriers from public spaces in Shanghai. While citizens warily enter the outdoors again, many are expressing their excitement to get back to life with restaurants, bars, shops, and work.

Still, those hoping to use public transit or enter public spaces must take a COVID-19 test every 72 hours and undergo intense quarantines should they test positive.

The New York Post shared the news on Twitter:

Months of isolation in Shanghai have caused pushback from residents. Many protests cropped up in defiance of the intense shutdown.

This latest lockdown also caused additional supply chain delays because factories and ports closed. However, even in-person schools are operating again for people. For now, indoor dining and large gatherings will remain off-limits.

While rejoining society may seem strange for much of the populace, community and in-person interaction are vital parts of life they may now embrace again.

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