OIG Launches Audit of FDA Over Baby Formula Recall

FDA Under Investigation Over Baby Formula Recall

Biden’s FDA Under Microscope As Critical Supply Shortage Sweeps The Nation

(ConservativeHub.com) – The formula shortage facing American parents has made finding the right food for their babies quite difficult. It has been even harder for parents of little ones with strict dietary needs to obtain soy-free or dairy-free options. While the federal government is working on importing vast amounts of these formulas from other nations, the Health and Human Services Office of the Inspector General (OIG) is now launching an inspection to see if the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) responded correctly to the issue.

In February, an Abbott Nutrition baby formula plant in Michigan shut down after inspectors found bacteria at the plant. The OIG’s audit seeks to determine if the FDA had been properly conducting inspections at the facility leading up to the temporary shutdown. It also wants to uncover if the FDA followed protocol when conducting the recall of infant formula.

CBS New York shared a news segment with more details about the situation:

While the OIG will not publish the report until sometime in 2023, some reports already lend details about what may have gone wrong in the months leading up to the shortage. One issue included a whistleblower who allegedly warned of dangerous conditions at the plant, but the complaint got stuck in the FDA mail room for months.

If this report and evaluations from industry experts outside of the government explains just how America let the formula shortage become so severe, will it help us to prevent a recurrence in the future?

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