Old Emails Reportedly Reference Meeting Involving Biden and His Son’s Associates

Gage Skidmore from Peoria, AZ, United States of America, CC BY-SA 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

(ConservativeHub.com) – According to a recent Fox News Digital report, 2011 emails and visitor records for the White House showed that when President Joe Biden was serving as the then-vice president, he and his deputy chief of staff met with three business associates of Hunter Biden, his son. The report said that Hunter Biden had been attempting to put together a multi-billion dollar business deal with the three associates, one of whom was a foreign national.

Back in mid-2011, Hunter Biden and Rosemont Seneca Partners (RSP) reportedly spoke to Sean Conlon, who established Conlon & Co., about a potential business deal that they could have if Hunter Biden was able to arrange for two of Conlon’s associates, Andre Lasserre and Xi Wang, to meet with his father.

In the Fox News Digital report, it was noted that energy executive David Gamperl previously sent an email to Conlon with information from a contract provided by Nagi Ghawi, the former head of the Mercantile Investment Group. In the June 22 email, Gamperl wrote that this is the contract and that they might even be able to close on the deal that week. The expected profits for the deal were also mentioned.

Conlon proceeded to forward this email to Hunter Biden and Devon Archer. However, when asked about this email, Conlon stated that he knew nothing about it. He also stated that he had no information he could provide about a picture that he had pointed out with Biden on his Instagram account or regarding his $10,000 donation in support of President Biden’s campaign.

During correspondence, Conlon and Ghawi reportedly attempted to get Hunter Biden to agree to set up a meeting with his father, but Hunter initially indicated he couldn’t do anything on such short notice. Later emails suggested they worked out a time. It was reported that about a year later, emails appeared to reference a previous meeting between multiple associates, Biden, and his top aide.

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