On PAROLE – Shooting Suspect’s Past Revealed!

Suspect in Killing of Two Nurses Was on Parole

Suspect in Killing of Two People at Hospital Was on Parole

(ConservativeHub.com) – Labor and delivery wards are typically places of immense joy and exhaustion. New mothers and their new babies often require rest after the birthing process. Yet a criminal on parole reportedly turned a normally serene and joyful sanctuary into a crime scene last weekend when he shot and killed two people on the ward.

On Saturday, October 22, Nestor Hernandez, 30, was attending the birth of his child with his significant other at Methodist Hospital in Dallas, Texas. After his girlfriend gave birth, he accused her of cheating, threatened to kill her, and allegedly shot two people, Jacqueline Pokuaa, 45, a case worker, and Annette Flowers, 63, a nurse. A police officer in the hallway responded to the sound of gunfire and shot the man in the leg.

A quick investigation into Hernandez revealed he was on parole for a 2015 aggravated robbery. At the time of the shooting, he was wearing an active ankle monitor. However, he received special permission to attend the Mom and Baby unit at the hospital to be with his significant other while she gave birth that day. Dallas Police Chief Eddie Garcia tweeted his thoughts about the horrific situation:

Authorities moved Hernandez to a different hospital for treatment after emergency workers stabilized him. He faces two charges of capital murder.

The Texas Department of Criminal Justice released a statement in defense of its decision to let Hernandez go to the hospital, saying that allowing those under parole supervision to visit loved ones at the hospital was normal and that there was no “indication that Hernandez would act out violently.”

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