One-Year-Old Goes Viral, Internet Goes Wild

One-Year-Old Goes Viral, Internet Goes Wild

( – Mister Rodger’s mother once told him to “look for the helpers” if the news ever got to be too much or too scary. Well, it turns out helpers come in all shapes and sizes, even under the age of two. While shopping with her father, a little girl dropped what she was doing to communicate something important with her deaf dad.

While on an outing, Zach and his daughter Madison were walking around the store’s aisles when she dropped the dish sponges she was carrying so she could sign to her father. Madison, who is only one year old, heard a baby crying, became concerned and wanted to let her dad know because he is deaf. So, she quickly signed to her dad about the crying baby she heard.

Zach uploaded a video of the event on TikTok, calling it a “wow moment.” The clip went viral and received over 19.6 million views. The Mirror shared a snapshot from the day:

After watching, people commented on Madison’s perceptiveness, compassion and recognition of both her father’s deafness and the baby’s distress. According to Zach, this was the first time his daughter tried to interpret for him. All in all, this heartwarming story reminds us even tiny tots love helping out and can often do what adults cannot.

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