Over 500 Students Stay Home From School Following Frightening Incident

Photo by Element5 Digital on Unsplash

(ConservativeHub.com) – Last week, more than 500 students were absent from a high school in Washington after a group of masked individuals entered the school.

The Auburn School District noted that on October 17, the day after the incident, 532 students did not attend Auburn Riverside High School.

Brandy Garber, who sends her daughter to that high school, revealed that after the incident her daughter was scared, and she chose to keep her at home. According to KIRO-TV, she said her daughter was concerned about her grades, but she wasn’t sure what to do about the situation as a parent.

On Monday, the Auburn Police Department said that there were five people wearing masks who entered the school at around 1pm through a side door. The intruders proceeded to run through the school halls and even entered one of the classrooms. They also punched one of the students while pushing aside four others.

Garber told KIRO-TV that her daughter told her that chaos first broke out after masked intruders came into the school hallways. She added that masked people had come in and were pushing the students.

The school administrators were quick to chase the five intruders from the school grounds. A police spokesperson added that they thought incident was the result of a fight that had broken out on school grounds the previous week. For the rest of Monday, the school went into a “secure and teach” lockdown with both the interior and exterior doors remaining locked.

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