PA Governor Makes Criminal Referral After Train Derailment

Photo by Antoine Beauvillain on Unsplash

( On February 21, Governor of Pennsylvania Josh Shapiro said that his office had made a criminal referral in relation to the train derailment over the border in East Palestine, Ohio, which led to a toxic chemical spill that affected both the residents and the area’s environment.

During a news conference in East Palestine with Ohio Governor DeWine, EPA Administrator Michael Regan, and other officials told reporters that criminal referrals had been made to the acting attorney general in Pennsylvania. He further told reporters that acting Attorney General Michelle Henry could provide more insight and information into this, according to NBC News.

Shapiro had previously served as the state’s attorney general before being elected governor in 2022.

Henry’s office released a statement on the same day in which they confirmed that they had received the criminal referrals from the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection. The statement also noted that they were going to proceed with an investigation in order to determine if there is anyone or any company who needs to be held responsible for damaging the “constitutional right to clean air and pure water,” that Pennsylvanians have.

During the news conference, DeWine alleged that Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost was also preparing to take the necessary action.

He proceeded to detail the work that authorities were completing to ease the residents’ concerns regarding their health and safety following the derailment. He added that they would work to hold Norfolk Southern, the company that operated the train carrying the hazardous chemicals, accountable.

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