Panel Recommends Parole for Infamous Manson Follower

Panel Recommends Parole for Infamous Manson Follower

Charles Manson FOLLOWER Just Got Some Big News In Prison

( – Charles Manson and his followers are notorious for the horrific crimes and murders they committed. While Manson died in 2017 while incarcerated, many of his family members and followers remain alive and in jail. However, one woman is up for parole for the 15th time, and the California parole panel actually recommended her release.

On Thursday, May 26, the parole board recommended parole for 74-year-old Patricia Krenwinkel. A devout Manson follower, she participated in multiple murders and helped create some of the most gruesome crime scenes. Yet, at the hearing, Krenwinkel’s attorney emphasized she was a young woman at the time of her conviction and is now an elderly prisoner with no disciplinary violations.

The New York Post shared a photo of the potential parolee:

Under a new policy issued by District Attorney George Gascón, prosecutors could not attend Krenwinkel’s parole hearing, thus leading to fewer objections to the idea, although many victims’ families did voice their opposition. The case moves to the legal division of the state parole board before heading to Governor Gavin Newsom’s desk for consideration.

Newsom’s history shows he repeatedly denies parole recommendations for Manson’s followers, so it’s unclear whether he will approve Krenwinkel. What do you think? Is Krenwinkel, incarcerated for over 50 years, ready for parole, or should she stay behind bars until her dying day?

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