Passenger Charged After Alleged Airplane Assault

Passenger Arrested After Assaulting Airline Agent

( – A typical day on the job in the life of an airline employee might entail traveling between a few different states or even countries. Ensuring the safety of passengers, delivering drinks, and calming those scared by turbulence are also in the job description. But, for one Southwest flight attendant operations agent, her day took a scary turn when a passenger allegedly punched her on a plane.

On Saturday, November 13, police arrested and charged 32-year old Arielle Jean Jackson with aggravated assault. Jackson was traveling from Dallas Love Field Airport in Texas to New York City when she walked directly to the back of the plane and had a verbal spat with a Southwest employee there. That employee asked her to deplane. At the front of the plane, Jackson had a verbal altercation with the operations agent, and then, according to reports, she repeatedly punched the agent in the head.

The Daily Mail shared a photo of the alleged assailant:

Thankfully, the Southwest employee is stable and expected to make a complete recovery, despite multiple injuries. This incident is only one of the many stories of violence on airlines lately, commonly over mask mandates and politics. While Southwest has not disclosed Jackson’s reasoning for this altercation, there’s no excuse for violence and assault on a plane.

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