Passenger Plane Forced Down After Man Causes Chaos

Passenger Plane Forced Down After Man Causes Chaos

( – It seems incidents involving unruly passengers are becoming more common on flights these days. The latest incident happened this past Sunday, February 13, aboard American Airlines flight 1775 from Los Angeles to Washington, DC.

During the afternoon flight, an unnamed male passenger reportedly became agitated. In a fit, he tried to break into the cockpit and open one of the exit doors, disregarding instructions from the flight attendants. One took drastic action to stop the man, hitting him over the head with a coffee pot.

Passengers on the plane jumped into action, helping to keep the man from causing any damage by holding him down while the pilots diverted the flight to Kansas City. Once they landed, local authorities and the FBI took over, saying they took the unmanageable passenger into custody but refusing to release any additional information. The airline put the remaining passengers on another flight so they could continue to their original destination.

With the Federal Aviation Administration recording nearly 6,000 reports in 2021, it seems disorderly passengers are becoming a significant burden on airliners. The situation has become severe enough that Delta has even requested the TSA place these troublemakers on a no-fly list. This would prevent them from boarding future flights through any airline.

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