Paul Pelosi’s Police Association Membership Revoked

Paul Pelosi's Police Association Membership Revoked

Paul Pelosi’s Membership REVOKED – It’s About Time!

( – In May, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s (D-CA) husband was driving back from a dinner party after he had a few too many drinks. He crashed his Porsche into a fence and a Jeep, causing injury to the other driver. When police arrived on the scene, it was clear the lawmaker’s spouse was unsteady, but he had enough wits about him to flash his CHP 11-99 Foundation card — a move that ended with the group revoking his membership.

On Tuesday, August 23, Paul Pelosi pleaded guilty to driving under the influence on May 28. A video from the arrest shows he handed officers a CHP 11-99 Foundation card, showing he was a member of the philanthropic association that provides emergency assistance to the California Highway Patrol and its families.

Given the circumstances, on August 25, the foundation revoked Pelosi’s lifetime membership. It said the “mere presentation” of the membership card “reflected poorly” on the foundation, especially if he was trying to obtain special treatment by presenting it when the officer asked for his driver’s license. The announcement emphasized making such a move violates the terms and conditions to remain a member of the organization.

While a judge sentenced Pelosi to five days in jail, he gave him credit for four days — two already served and two for good conduct. He can perform community service in a work program to obtain credit for the final day of his sentence.

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