Pelosi’s Freezer Gaffe: It Wasn’t Just an Innocent Mistake

Pelosi's Freezer Gaffe: It Wasn't Just an Innocent Mistake

( – It’s no secret that many seasoned politicians believe they are better than the people they serve. However, when politicians behave that way during a crisis, it can be devastating. That was the case for House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA). During a segment on The Late Late Show with James Corden last April, Pelosi joyfully opened her freezer to reveal a stash of expensive gourmet ice cream.

The segment wasn’t just an innocent mistake. It revealed how out of touch she was with Americans struggling as governors shut down their states and forced millions into unemployment. You can forget about buying luxury ice cream if you’re unsure whether you’ll have a home when all of this is over.

Not only did President Trump create a blistering ad attack on the unforced error, but the Democrats were in a panic as well.

After Democrats lost seats in House elections, far-left party members forwarded a letter on November 10, 2020, that included a blistering critique of the Speaker. It said, “When Democratic leaders make unforced errors like [Pelosiโ€™s appearance on the Late Late Show]… it’s not surprising that we lose.”

This out-of-touch gaffe reinforced the idea of Democrats as elitists. It wasn’t just a mistake for Pelosi and her party. It’s who they really are — out of touch, unsympathetic politicians.

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