Peloton Sued Over Death of Woman’s Son

Peloton Sued Over Death of Woman's Son

( – A woman has filed a lawsuit against Peloton, a fitness company after she claimed that the exercise bike was unsafe. According to the accuser, her son was killed after the bike fell on him during his workout while in his apartment in Brooklyn. The impact from the fall led to his carotid artery being severed and he was killed “instantly.”

Johanna Furtado claimed that the bike was unsafe and not suitable for the usage that it is intended for. The incident occurred in January 2022 when Ryan Furtado was using the bike for his “Core” workout while in his apartment in New York City. The lawsuit was filed the following year in March, but was just reported on last week.

According to reports, Peloton has denied the accusations and requested to have the case completely dismissed.

The lawsuit claims that as part of the Peloton workout, Furtado was instructed to get off the bike and perform certain exercises on the floor. After he finished that part of the workout, Furtado held on to the product to get himself off the ground. However, the bike ended up spinning from the force and hit him on his neck, “severing” the critical artery and “instantly” killing him.

Furtado was found by the New York Police Department on his apartment’s floor with the bike on top of his face.

Peloton, in their rebuttal filing, argued that the injury was caused by the “negligence” exhibited by the plaintiff. They added that they offered the Furtado family their “deepest sympathy and condolences.” They further claimed that the safety and health of their member community was their main priority.

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