Pete Buttigieg Faces Criticism Over Transportation Issues

Pete Buttigieg Faces Criticism Over Transportation Issues

( – Winter Storm Elliott caused a lot of trouble within the airline industry, but most companies found it easy to come back from the delays and canceled flights. Not Southwest Airlines, however. Well after Christmas, they struggled to get planes in the air. Southwest claimed its problems stemmed from outdated computer systems, a business model allowing passengers to avoid central hubs, and bad weather. Yet, the problems persisted, and some people are now blaming Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg.

Lawmakers said they have been after the secretary since last summer to do something to stop airlines from canceling flights and stranding passengers.  California Representative Ro Khanna (D) and Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) sent a letter to Buttigieg in June requesting fines for cancellations. Meanwhile, Fox News reported that a senior fellow at the Institute on Race, Power and Political Economy recently criticized Buttigieg in a Tweet, claiming he was a “prime example of failing up.”

The secretary also received a notice in August from New York Attorney General Letitia James (D), who expressed worries about the airline industry’s ability to provide stable services.

But it isn’t just Democrats who are unhappy. Some Republicans are also questioning Buttigieg’s ability to do his job.

Buttigieg’s biography on the US Department of Transportation website says his primary goal as Secretary of Transportation is to provide the “world’s leading transportation system.” Should the recent issues cause people to question whether he is doing his job well enough, or should Southwest Airlines shoulder the blame for the problems?

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