Piers Morgan Interviews Donald Trump — And It’s Going Viral

Piers Morgan Interviews Donald Trump -- And It's Going Viral

Piers Morgan’s Donald Trump Interview Is Breaking The Internet Right Now

(ConservativeHub.com) – Whenever the latest news show airs, seeing what will make or break its release adds an air of excitement. After CNN+ saw its demise last month, many people wondered how Piers Morgan’s new TalkTV program would go. Yet, the first episode, where Morgan interviewed former President Donald Trump, went off beautifully, bringing in hundreds of thousands of viewers.

On Monday, April 25, Morgan’s new show “Uncensored” reached 397,000 viewers at one point, averaging 317,000 during the course of the 8 p.m. program. During their discussion, Trump and Morgan touched on the topics of President Joe Biden’s lackluster job performance, the 2020 election, and the ongoing turmoil in both Afghanistan and Ukraine.

While many viewers likely tuned in for Morgan’s first show due to Trump’s appearance, the show still did quite well for television. It beat out BBC News, which hosted 130,000 viewers in the same timeslot that night, according to Deadline.

Throughout the hour program, Trump touched on the controversial topic of transgender athlete Lia Thomas winning the NCAA 500-meter freestyle. Meanwhile, Morgan used his new platform to lay out his goals for the coming months, including to “cancel cancel-culture.” If this fiery interview reflects what Morgan is capable of, he will likely succeed at whatever he tries in the coming months.

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