Pilots Could Earn Triple Pay Through Envoy Air This July

Airline Offers To Triple Pay to Pilots if They'll Pick up Trips

Massive PILOT Shortage – One Airline’s New Approach

(ConservativeHub.com) – When summer vacations line up with a holiday weekend, it quickly becomes one of the busiest times to travel. Whether you spend your travel budget on gas, a train ticket, or flying to your destination this year, it could be quite pricey as inflation remains at record highs. To top it off, many airlines are already dealing with shortages and flight delays. However, one airline hopes to offset some of the issues that could arise this summer from shortages by offering their pilots triple pay to keep the skies open.

American Airlines subsidiary Envoy Air is providing pilots who pick up uncovered flights between July 2 and 31 with 300% pay. Ric Wilson, vice president of flight operations for Envoy, told CNBC this is so the company “can operate dependably for our customers.”

This announcement came after Envoy, PSA, and Piedmont already provided pilots with a 50% pay increase through Summer 2024 to help ease the labor shortage felt by airlines. Yet, American is also cutting back on some domestic flights in Ohio, New York, and Iowa and parking around 100 of its smaller jets.

The decision to pay pilots exorbitant amounts if they pick up extra shifts could mean American’s regional carriers will experience fewer delays than their competitors, giving passengers a bit more confidence they will make it to their destination on time. Do you think this solution will be effective?

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