Police Apologize Following Drill That Left Student “Shaking”

Photo by MChe Lee on Unsplash

(ConservativeHub.com) – On Thursday, June 6, the Burlington, Vermont police issued an apology following a “mock shooting” drill that terrified some students.

While the Burlington High students were visiting the police headquarters in the city, the officers role-played a robbery where one person had run into the room wearing a mask. There were also gunshot noises reverbrating throughout the space.

The police in their statement emphasized that they had talked with the school district and informed them of the demonstration and what it would look like. There was also information on the fake firearms that they intended to use. Police had also asked school officials whether they believed that this type of exhibition would be all right for the students, and warned that this was as close to “real life” as it could get. They also pointed out that this was the type of situation that they most often had to deal with. 

The program staff had agreed to the simulation and had even stated that they would give a heads-up to the students and parents. However, despite this, some of the students appeared to think that the shooting had been real. One student who opted to remain unidentified even told Seven Days, a local news outlet, that while diving to the floor at the sound of gunshots, they scraped their knee. 

A different student said that after hearing the shots, they started “crying” and “shaking” because they thought they would “Get shot.” They then added that it all “felt so real.” 

Police offered their apologies to anyone who experienced emotional distress during the drill.

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