Police Capture Dangerous Criminal After Manhunt

Police Capture Dangerous Criminal After Manhunt

(ConservativeHub.com) – On Wednesday, September 13, Pennsylvania State Police captured Chester County prisoner Danelo Cavalcante after he escaped from custody two weeks prior. The murder convict was sighted multiple times over the course of the manhunt as police worked to close in on him, until they finally captured him in South Coventry Township with the help of a police K-9 named Yoda.

The search for Cavalcante prompted warnings within the community for people to stay indoors. Meanwhile, J. Roberts School District in Pottstown to shut down temporarily in the interest of safety. Superintendent Will Stout said this past week that due to the high levels of police activity in the area following the escape the inmate, the offices and schools would cancel classes on Tuesday, September 12. Classes were also canceled the following day.

Early on Tuesday, authorities also told residents in the area to call 911 if they saw Cavalcante.

Pennsylvania State Police revealed during the search in a social media post that the 34-year-old inmate had acquired a .22 caliber rifle and that all those residing in the area needed to lock their windows and doors and stay inside. This update was released only after a break-in was reported in East Nantmeal which is where Cavalcante is believed to have been hiding. Following the break in, there were also shots fired as Cavalcante broke into someone’s home to steal the .22 caliber rifle. The homeowner reportedly shot at him seven times.

Cavalcante was in prison for murdering his ex-girlfriend in front of her children. He reportedly had plans to flee to Canada following his escape from prison.

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