Police Department Says It Will Handle Some Calls By Phone Due to Fuel Costs

Police Department Handling Some Calls By Phone Due to Fuel Costs


(ConservativeHub.com) – Gas price is affecting more than just how often people choose to go to the grocery store or visit a friend. People in jobs that involve driving are now having to rethink how they work to keep fuel costs low. In one Michigan county, the police department announced last week that it’s resorting to answering non-urgent calls strictly by phone to reduce energy costs.

On Tuesday, June 7, Michigan’s Isabella County Sheriff Michael Main posted on Facebook to report his department had used up almost all the gas funds for this fiscal year. He alerted his community his deputies would now “manage whatever calls are acceptable over the phone.” The account deleted the post by Friday, June 10, and the account is currently not visible on Facebook. It’s unclear why the post was deleted.

County Administrator Nicole Frost told the Detroit Free Press the Sheriff’s Office used 96% of its fuel budget that should have lasted another 3.5 months. According to AAA, the average price of a gallon of gas is about $5.22 per gallon in Michigan and likely won’t go down anytime soon.

The sheriff assured his community in the now-deleted post that the department is still fully committed to responding quickly to emergencies and life-threatening calls.

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