Police Investigate After Couple Finds Mysterious Rhinoceros Head

Police Investigating Rhino's Head Found on Sidewalk

(ConservativeHub.com) – A couple of Aspinwall, Pennsylvania residents had the surprise of their lives while walking their dog on Saturday, August 28. They noticed an oddly-shaped object propped up against a pole at an intersection. Curious as to what it might be, they moved closer to the item. To their surprise, they found what appeared to be a well-preserved rhinoceros head sitting on the sidewalk.

Cameron Taylor and his girlfriend flagged down a police officer after their find. A spokesperson for the Aspinwall Police Department confirmed they took custody of the rhino head.

Aspinwall police believe the head is real and think it could be more than half a century old. They are combing surveillance video from nearby houses and businesses to determine who left the head on the sidewalk.

At this point, police officers aren’t even sure of the possible legal ramifications associated with possessing a taxidermied rhino head. They said they are awaiting a response from Pennsylvania conservation authorities before discussing what criminal charges, if any, might apply.

Oddly enough, this wasn’t the only time someone randomly discovered a decapitated animal head in 2021. Newsweek reported on several similar incidents involving the discovery of the heads of various animal species in a Houston suburb in May.

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