Police Officer Caught Allegedly Trying to Smuggle Drugs

Police Officer Caught Allegedly Trying to Smuggle Drugs

(ConservativeHub.com) – Nobody is above the law, even those sworn to uphold it. Anyone can find themselves in handcuffs if they commit a crime, and a police officer from Jamaica learned that lesson the hard way.

On February 3, an 18-year veteran of the Jamaica Constabulary Force, Shelian Cherine Allen, allegedly tried to smuggle cocaine into the US, where officers suspect she was going to sell it. She reportedly swallowed 90 pellets, while hiding some in her bra and others inside a body cavity. In total, she was carrying about 1,350 grams of the drug.

US Customs and Border Protection caught her as she arrived at the Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport in Florida. She was coming from Montego Bay, Jamaica. They removed the drugs found in her bra and inside a body cavity but sent her to the hospital to retrieve the ingested pellets.

Allen is currently in custody facing two charges: possession with intent to distribute and importing cocaine. If convicted on both counts, she could face up to 80 years in prison. As it turns out, even law enforcement officers like Allen can be held accountable for their actions if they break the law. Unfortunately, drug smugglers continue to put people at risk by moving illegal drugs into the US.

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