Police Officer Rescues Child During Harrowing Traffic Stop

Photo by Jp Valery on Unsplash

(ConservativeHub.com) – Brenden Fraser, a police officer from Warren, Michigan, stopped a speeding car on August 29 only to find the driver frantically explaining that his nephew, 18 months old, was not able to breathe.

William Dwyer, the Warren Police Commissioner, stated that Fraser managed to remain calm, keeping his composure and taking over the situation.

Fraser, who was in charge of distracted driving enforcement duties on that day, said that the Chevy Camaro that was speeding was a car that caught his eye. In an interview on “Elizabeth Vargas Reports,” he noted that once he reached the car, it was very obvious why the driver was speeding and heading towards the hospital.

The Warrant Police Department revealed the child was turning blue and his eyes had started to roll toward back of his head. That was when Fraser took charge of the situation and started performing many back-blows to help the child’s airway clear up. After that, the toddler regurgitated liquid, which reports suggested was likely phlegm or vomit, and began to breathe once again on his own.

Fraser, whose body cam caught the entire incident, revealed that at that moment he had not been thinking about anything and that he was just using his training as a police officer in the incident. He added that when the child started breathing again, it was a big sigh of relief for everyone.

Other officers also approached the scene and they helped take the young child to the Ascension Macomb Hospital which was around a mile away.

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