Police Officer to Be Compensated After Suspension

Police Officer to Be Compensated After Controversial Suspension

(ConservativeHub.com) – Few people give much thought to how their actions away from work might affect their jobs. However, for one Louisville, Kentucky police officer, the choice to pray outside a local abortion clinic ended with his department suspending him for four months. Now, the officer in question has received a decent settlement after suing the department and the city.

On Thursday, January 27, Kentucky police officer Matt Schrenger agreed to a settlement with the city of Louisville to accept $75,000 from the city for what he argued was a violation of his constitutional and civil rights. This decision came almost a year after Schrenger prayed while off-duty with his father outside an abortion clinic on February 20, 2021. After hearing about Schrenger’s religious exercise that day, his bosses suspended him from patrol.

Kentucky Baptist Communications Director Lawrence Smith shared more about the case on Twitter:

Matt Heffron, senior counsel for the Thomas More Society, which represented Schrenger, pointed out the suspension was “unfair discipline” against his client specifically for his “pro-life views.” Heffron contrasted this against other police officers in the same department who participated in political activism in recent months, such as Black Lives Matter rallies, without any consequences. Heffron also said the decision to compensate Schrenger shows Louisville knows it unfairly violated his religious freedom.

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