Police Release Video of Animal Chase

Photo by Taylor Brandon on Unsplash

(ConservativeHub.com) – Michigan State Police released a video in which a group of wranglers can be seen chasing a cow that has escaped along Interstate-75. The police have compared the group to the “cast of ‘Yellowstone.’”

The video was taken on May 21, northwest of Detroit and it shows the pursuit.

Michigan State Police first stated that the group of wranglers, which included both men and women and were reminiscent of the ‘Yellowstone’ cast, were trying to wrangle a cow that had gotten stuck on Belford Rd. Troopers were on standby during the incident so that they could stop traffic on the interstate if necessary.

The police also noted that the group had been using horses and four-wheelers as they tried to capture the escaped cow. However, their attempts proved to be futile. In the clip, the cow can be seen running onto the roadway while it is being chased by a man on horseback who is waving a lasso rope as he is trying to catch up with the animal.

As the State Police noted, the cow outmaneuvered the wranglers and entered the I-75. The wranglers proceeded to chase the cow with four-wheelers, horses, and lassos. This resulted in the Troopers needing to shut down the traffic in all the lanes of the interstate.

The cow was eventually caught, after what the police described as “much tom foolery.” Then, the freeway was finally reopened. The police further jokingly stated that the cow had not been charged and had returned to its pasture where it could tell its tale to the other animals.

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