Police Step in After Swatting Incidents at Marjorie Taylor Greene’s House

Police Step in After Swatting Incidents at Marjorie Taylor Greene's House

Cops Showed Up at Marjorie Taylor Greene’s HOUSE – You Won’t Believe Why!

(ConservativeHub.com) – Having police show up at your home is rarely a good sign, and having it occur twice in two days is that much worse. According to reports, that’s exactly what happened at the residence of US House Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) last week after criminals pulled off what sometimes proves to be a deadly prank.

On Wednesday, August 24, police officers showed up at the Georgia lawmaker’s home around 1 a.m. after someone reported a shooting with children nearby. Upon arrival, the cops deduced it was a prank call, one of many recently in the latest “swatting” trend where people call in a fake crime to get a SWAT team to raid a home.

However, this incident happened again on Thursday, August 25, at almost 3 a.m. This time, someone reported through an emergency line that they had come out as transgender and then shot their whole family at Greene’s house. Just like the first time, officers figured out it was a prank upon arrival and through discussions with the lawmaker at her home.

Now, police departments associated with the city of Rome, Georgia, and the US Capitol are investigating the incidents attempting to identify the pranksters who put the lives of Greene, her family, and the local law enforcement agents in danger. The suspect in the first incident admitted they were upset about Greene’s opinion on transgender issues, but authorities have not located the second suspect yet.

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