Police SURROUNDED – Violent MOB Appears!

ATV, Dirt Bike Riders Pose Problem in Philadelphia

ATV, Dirt Bike Riders Pose Problem in Philadelphia

(ConservativeHub.com) – Dirt bikes and ATVs can be incredibly fun, allowing riders to zoom around back roads or forest trails not easily explored in other ways. Yet, it’s a different story when these vehicles take to city streets. Recently, riders have taken these typically off-road vehicles elsewhere in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, causing chaos and destruction.

While dirt bikes and ATVs are illegal on Philadelphia’s streets, authorities have been unable to keep them from swarming the city. Over the weekend, multiple violent incidents took place involving riders on the vehicles. On Saturday, October 15, while many were enjoying a festival on South Street, a group of illegal riders allegedly removed street barriers and caused a ruckus. Reportedly, a Slingshot vehicle driver was with them and shot a security guard twice, placing him in the hospital. Police were reportedly searching for the suspect, but there’s been no word of any arrests.

The following day, a similar swarm of dirt bikes and ATVs arrived at a Lukoil gas station after sundown. When police tried to take possession of a bike stolen from New Jersey, the riders circled police officers and an empty police car, throwing objects like bottles and bricks. Fortunately, no injuries occurred.

This isn’t necessarily a recent issue. Philadelphia has had incidents in the past involving dirt bikes and ATVs, including this past March, when hundreds of these vehicles drove through the streets recklessly. At the time, WPVI-TV spoke to one resident who complained that he wished the riders “would find someplace else to go.”

Now, according to CBS Philadelphia, leaders are “at odds” about how to deal with the continuing problem.

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