Political Donor Receives Prison Sentence for Overdose Deaths

Political Donor Receives Prison Sentence for Overdose Deaths

(ConservativeHub.com) – Sometimes, justice takes longer than victims and their families expect. In the case of the prominent Democratic donor Ed Buck, it took quite a few years for police to arrest him after three men overdosed in his apartment over the course of a few years. Now, however, a judge has finally dealt Buck a sentence for his horrific crimes.

On Thursday, April 14, Judge Christina Snyder sentenced Buck to 30 years in prison after a jury found him guilty on nine counts, including distributing methamphetamine and enticing men to travel for prostitution.

It seems Buck, a longtime Democratic donor who provided over $500,000 in political donations to candidates, including Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, frequently brought black men to his Hollywood apartment and exchanged drugs with them for sex. In at least three cases, his companion overdosed. The New York Post shared more about this on Twitter:

The first overdose death occurred in the summer of 2017 when 26-year-old Gemmel Moore died. The second occurred in 2019, with a third overdose soon after. Encounters with Buck were allegedly dangerous and abusive, and his sentencing now reflects that. Buck maintains the deaths were not his fault, but his conviction indicates otherwise. This case is a clear example of a wealthy, powerful man exploiting vulnerable men for his own enjoyment. Thankfully, he’s now been sentenced to prison, where he cannot harm anyone else.

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