Poll Suggests Majority of Voters Aren’t Enthusiastic About Trump, Biden for 2024

Photo by René DeAnda on Unsplash

(ConservativeHub.com) – In a new NBC News poll, the majority of participants indicated they would not like to see former President Donald Trump running for the presidency again in 2024. Similarly, the majority of respondents do not want to see current President Joe Biden run for the White House again. This poll was reported on just days before Biden officially announced his reelection bid.

In the poll, 60 percent of participants stated that Trump should not try to win back the White House. Around one third of Republicans also hold the same position. Thirty percent of participants who don’t believe that Trump should run again in 2024 stated that they consider the criminal charges his currently facing to be a prominent reason he should not run.

Seventy percent of Americans have also stated that Biden should not run again, This number includes 51 percent of Democrats. Around half of people who don’t want to see Biden running again (48 percent) stated that his age was a notable reason he should not run again.

According to The Hill, these poll results are in alignment with many other poll results which have shown that there is a general lack of enthusiasm about the possibility of the presidential election in 2024 turning into a potential 2020 rematch between Trump and Biden.

Trump first launched his presidential campaign for 2024 in November, shortly after the midterm elections. Biden has often reiterated that he intends on running for the presidential election, but he has not yet launched his campaign.

A Yahoo News/YouGov poll discovered a 38 percent plurality of respondents stated that the possibility of a Biden-Trump rematch made them feel “exhaustion.”

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