Prince Andrew’s Appearance With Queen Draws Criticism

Prince Andrew's Appearance With Queen Draws Criticism

( – Prince Andrew appeared in public for the first time since settling a civil lawsuit with Virginia Giuffre. On March 29, he was with his mother, Queen Elizabeth II, at a memorial service for his late father, Prince Philip. The outing drew criticism from those who felt it was a disturbing gesture by the Queen to show support for her second son.

Juliette Bryant, an Epstein abuse victim, called the public show an “insult towards humanity.” She told The Daily Beast it says the royal family doesn’t care about the victims or the pain caused by the scandal.

Maria Farmer, an Epstein accuser, classified the situation as an insult. She said it was a failed attempt to rehabilitate the prince’s image and ignore his actions. But she acknowledged that she’s proud of Giuffre for coming forward and standing up to Andrew.

An attorney who represented multiple Epstein victims, Spencer Kuvin, stated this is an indication the Queen isn’t taking the issue seriously. He said she should keep her distance from any activity that could suggest she condones the prince’s past deeds.

According to The Mirror, inside sources say the Queen decided to have Andrew escort her. It may come as no surprise, as past reports have credited him as her favorite son. The source also said Charles and William opposed the decision but had no authority to prevent it.

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