Prosecutor in Michigan Shooting Reveals Horrific Details About Attack

Prosecutor in Michigan Shooting Reveals Horrific Details About Attack

( – On Tuesday, November 30, 15-year old Ethan Crumbley walked into a bathroom at Oxford High School in Oakland County, Michigan, with a backpack and came out holding a gun. Then he began to shoot fellow students. Within minutes, police officers arrested Crumbley, but not before he inflicted immense damage. One Oakland County prosecutor spoke about the chilling video footage from the scene.

Crumbley appeared in court for the first time on Wednesday, December 1, to plead not guilty to the 24 charges brought against him, including first-degree murder, assault with intent to murder, terrorism, and possession of a firearm. During the hearing, Oakland County Assistant Prosecutor Marc Keast emphasized he didn’t “have the words” to accurately describe the videos of the shooting shown in the courtroom.

According to Keast, Crumbley both “methodically” and “deliberately” carried out the attack against his fellow students. Keast said Crumbley walked down the hallway firing at people as they scrambled to escape, even aiming his weapon inside classrooms. The shooter had also reportedly made videos about his desire to murder leading up to the attack. The charges against Crumbley are so severe the court is trying him as an adult.

The Daily Beast shared more details from the ongoing investigation:

This horrific tragedy left four dead and seven wounded. It also left an entire school wracked with trauma. Hopefully, the school district can provide students and faculty with the right resources to heal and move forward after this senseless attack.

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