Prosecutors Leading Trump Investigation Quit

Prosecutors Leading Trump Investigation Quit

( – The legal investigations into former President Donald Trump continue, although he has yet to face any criminal charges. In Manhattan, the district attorney has been looking into his business operations for three years, but two key team members decided they no longer wished to be a part of the inquiry.

On February 23, attorneys Carey Dunne and Mark Pomerantz called it quits, leaving the investigation team. Both men worked on the team through two district attorneys and helped with the daily management of the investigation.

The two lead prosecutors timed their exits in the middle of a grand jury break. Insiders say the decision was due to Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg expressing doubts about continuing forward in the case.

The reason for Bragg’s comments is unknown. However, it’s notable that thus far, the investigation has turned up only tax fraud charges against the Trump Organization. Despite this, it seemed to have picked up the pace in January with witness questioning in meetings with the grand jury. Dunne and Pomerantz were heavily involved.

After a month’s pause in grand jury activity and the current jury term set to end in April, the case was already in question. With the departure of the two significant figures, the case’s future is uncertain.

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