Protesters Push Back Against Biden’s Vaccine Mandates

Protesters Push Back Against Biden's Vaccine Mandates

( – President Joe Biden announced his latest effort to force COVID-19 vaccines on the American public during a September 9 address. He said he was ordering the Labor Department to create a new rule requiring companies employing 100 or more workers to require vaccinations or weekly testing. As one might expect, the announcement sparked an immediate response from lawmakers and ordinary Americans.

Teachers’ groups in New York City were particularly riled up about the mandate and gathered to make their opinions known. On Monday, September 13, a large group of Teachers for Choice members staged a “Freedom Rally” at Foley Square in Lower Manhattan, New York City (NYC), to denounce the requirement to vaccinate or test to keep their jobs.

Afterward, the group worked their way across the Brooklyn Bridge. The protesters can be heard shouting expletives at Biden and chanting “fire [Dr. Anthony] Fauci” as they made their way to the other side.

This incident isn’t the first time New Yorkers have protested against vaccine mandates. For instance, they staged a demonstration outside the mayor’s office to voice their outrage against local health and education department mandates in late August.

Teachers for Choice told the media it intended to file a lawsuit against NYC over its mandate. It remains unclear what action the group intends to take regarding the upcoming federal vaccination requirement.

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