Putin Boasts About Latest Missile Test

Putin Boasts About Latest Missile Test

(ConservativeHub.com) – Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has shown its soldiers may not be top-notch. Still, Russian President Vladimir Putin is boasting quite a bit about a new intercontinental ballistic missile the eastern nuclear power just launched. This test seems like the latest move from Russia’s aggressive leader to show strength amidst a struggling offensive in Ukraine.

On Wednesday, April 20, the Russian Defense Ministry announced that it successfully launched a new Sarmat nuclear missile in a test run at its Plesetsk launch facility. According to Reuters, Putin called the new weapon a “truly unique” one and emphasized it would “strengthen the combat potential” of his nation. He also wanted nations contemplating taking on Russia to think twice before they “threaten” his country.

Fox News shared a photo from the missile test launch:

Also on Wednesday, the Pentagon acknowledged the launch in a press release, saying Russia followed the New START treaty obligations that ask the nation to alert the US to any missile test before it occurs. The Pentagon called the testing “routine” and noted it’s not “a threat” to the US at this time. Hopefully, the government is correct, and Putin is simply making his latest show of strength.

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