Putin Turns His Anger Westward Amid War Effort

Putin Turns His Anger Westward in Response to Failed War Effort

Putin Threatens RETALIATION As Frustrations Mount In Ukraine

(ConservativeHub.com) – Since Russian President Vladimir Putin invaded Ukraine, the pushback from the neighboring nation has been strong. Russia has struggled to make headway in its aggressive maneuvers. Now, Putin is aiming his anger at the West, threatening to retaliate against member countries if they help Ukraine.

Putin Makes Threats

On April 27, Putin addressed the Russian nation, telling citizens the country would issue “retaliatory strikes” against any country offering help to Ukraine. He said he would strike quickly if he felt another nation’s assistance was threatening the advancement of Russian forces.

According to Newsweek, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov spoke out against NATO just days before Putin’s speech. He said Russia is already at war with these countries because they’re arming Ukraine.

CNBC reported Russia cut off gas to some countries in Europe recently. Additionally, the nation has continued its warnings about the potential use of nuclear weapons. In general, there is a noticeable increase in the aggression coming from the Kremlin toward the West.

Is Putin a Real Threat?

Observers hold mixed opinions about the Kremlin’s motives for amping up its rhetoric against NATO members. Two groups of experts have weighed in on what they feel is really happening with the warnings from Russia and Putin.

Experts who spoke with Newsweek suggested leaders may be trying to sway public opinion in favor of a larger conflict. They believe Putin is essentially trying to protect himself and make his citizens realize he has no choice about starting a world war. Others said it might be a way to make countries back off, which could, in turn, help Russia’s efforts to be more militarily successful.

CNBC reported experts suggest worry is mostly unwarranted. They said the rhetoric is “risk aversion,” calling chances of nuclear war or the conflict moving outside Ukraine very low. They noted Russia historically makes nuclear threats but never carries through with them. They concur with the experts at Newsweek, saying the Kremlin is most likely hoping this threat acts as a deterrent to keep other countries from helping Ukraine.

Still, geopolitical analyst Samuel Ramani told CNBC that if Russia keeps suffering setbacks and Putin feels his honor is at risk, he could escalate the conflict. At that point, nothing is off the table. Given all this insight from experts, is there a valid concern here? Should the US believe Putin when he says he will strike out at those helping Ukraine?

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