RAZOR BLADES on Campaign Signs?! – Police Share Disturbing Warning

Pro-Democrat Campaign Signs Found Covered With Razor Blades

Police Report Pro-Democrat Campaign Signs With Razor Blades on Them

(ConservativeHub.com) – Police in Upper Makefield Township notified citizens about a disturbing crime in Bucks County, Pennsylvania. In a Facebook post, the department explained someone placed campaign signs on another resident’s property. When trying to remove one of the posters, the homeowner suffered cuts from razor blades affixed around the sign’s perimeter. Officials warned there is no room for this type of action in political campaigning.

The police added other residents in the area had also found signs with razor blades attached. The department stated it seemed evident the designer intended “to inflict punishments on anyone who attempted to remove” them.

The campaign materials were for various Democrats. Ashley Ehasz, one of the candidates running for the US House of Representatives, posted on Twitter about her disdain for the actions of whoever is carrying out this scheme. She said she would never support something that would harm others and expressed her desire for the police to find and punish the culprits.

The department warned any responsible party that their actions were illegal and subject to further investigation, and that people should check any signs placed in their yards without permission before trying to handle them. They also cautioned citizens that while it’s common to see some tensions boil over into minor vandalism or pranks during a campaign, especially as elections draw near, this action took things too far by intentionally trying to cause injuries.

Unfortunately, this isn’t the first time such an incident has occurred before an election. Back in 2020, a Michigan man was forced to get stitches after cutting his fingers on a Trump sign with razor blades on it.

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