Red Lobster Closes Many Locations in the US

Photo by Toa Heftiba on Unsplash

( – On Monday, May 13, TAGeX Brands announced that they would be closing down at least 48 Red Lobsters locations. However, on May 15, news outlets reported that the company had abruptly closed dozens more of them. There were over 90 restaurants listed as “temporarily closed,” as of this week, according to reports. TAGeX Brands also recently held an auction for items from some of the restaurants closing.

The auction was set to take place through Thursday, May 16, across several Red Lobster restaurants in a number of different states. For instance, five locations are closing in Florida and California respectively, while four locations in Colorado and Maryland will also be closed. It was also reported in recent days that three Red Lobster locations shut down suddenly. None of the three restaurants in question can currently be reached, and their listing hours all show “closed.” 

The Danville, Illinois mayor took to Facebook to address the sudden closure of the only Red Lobster in the city and stated that the restaurant had closed without notice after 31 years of serving in the community. He also expressed his prayers for all the affected workers who were suddenly let go. He added that the closure had come despite the fact that the restaurant was rated 15th out of more than 600 stores for satisfaction and customer service back in 2023. 

There are a number of items from Red Lobster that were put up for auction, including dining room furnituvre, upright professional refrigerators, and other equipment. The announcement by TAGeX Brands referred to it as “the largest restaurant equipment auction ever.” However, the items were not being auctioned off individually. Instead, there was a single winner who would receive everything from a given restaurant location.

Red Lobster is reportedly expected to file for bankruptcy protection this month. The company is expected to try to negotiate with creditors and landlords in order to stay in business.

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