Remains of Korean War Soldier Identified — Proper Burial Planned

Remains of Korean War Soldier Identified -- Proper Burial Planned

Korean War Soldier IDENTIFIED – Finally Gets His Homecoming

( – While Hawaii is best known for its stunning beaches and tropical atmosphere, it also hosts the National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific in Honolulu. This burial site is home to thousands of bodies that investigators couldn’t identify at the end of the Korean War. Now, advances in science have allowed a few of these remains to go back home after identification.

On Monday, August 22, the US Army confirmed that Private Felix M Yanez, 19, was identified by in July. Yanez reportedly died while serving his country in the Korean War. This young soldier was from Douglas, Arizona, and the military will bury him there on September 3.

Yanez died in action on July 16, 1950, and authorities declared his body unrecoverable at that time. His remains were found in March 1951 but remained anonymous. They were eventually shipped to Hawaii for burial at the National Cemetery, commonly called the “Punchbowl.” In 2019, the federal government’s POW/MIA Accounting Agency removed some remains for identification. Yanez’s was among those.

During this process, Army scientists also identified Private Edward J. Reiter, 17, who will receive burial in Northampton, Pennsylvania. Both soldiers will now have a rosette engraved next to their names at the Punchbowl to show they were identified. A grateful nation thanks them for their service.

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