Report Says Feds Are Buying Drones From China

Report Says Feds Are Buying Drones From China

( – China set a 2049 deadline to displace the United States as the world’s dominant economic and political power. A large part of its strategy involves stealing emerging technology from US-based companies. Both Congressional chambers have responded to the threat by proposing new bills to protect American tech companies and their products. However, the Biden administration appears to be working against the goal of protecting US interests against China.

A perfect case in point is the recent report that federal agencies are purchasing high-tech surveillance drones from a Chinese company, DJI, which the Pentagon has flagged as a national security threat.

On September 23, Axios reported despite that determination, the FBI purchased 19 DJI drones according to a Department of Justice contract summary dated July 20. Similarly, recently acquired procurement documents revealed the US Secret Service purchased eight drones from DJI on July 26.

Concern over DJI technology is actually nothing new. The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) expressed concerns about the company as early as 2017. DHS officials warned that they believed, with a “moderate” level of confidence, DJI was providing data about US-based “critical infrastructure and law enforcement” to Chinese officials.

In January 2020, the US Department of the Interior grounded its entire non-emergency drone fleet, including DJI products, due to security concerns. Later, the Department of Commerce blacklisted DJI exports amid allegations the company provided surveillance technology to Chinese security forces to facilitate alleged human rights violations against Uyghur minority Muslims held in internment camps in Xinjiang.

Are US officials putting national security at risk by purchasing drones from China?

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