Report Suggests Fake and Spam Accounts Make Up Nearly 20 Percent of Twitter Users

New Audit Suggests Fake Accounts Make Up Half of Biden's Twitter Followers

Twitter AUDIT – The Results Are Chilling

( – Many Americans were stunned when SpaceX founder and billionaire Elon Musk offered to buy Twitter in April. However, this potential sale has had many people investigating the social media network and its users. Two research firms analyzed its users and determined nearly 20% are fake or spam accounts, and that number reportedly rises to 50% when looking at President Joe Biden’s followers alone.

On Sunday, May 15, SparkToro and Followerwonk reported they combined forces to research 44,058 Twitter accounts active for the past three months. Their data revealed an estimated 19.42% of active Twitter users are “likely fake or spam.” Twitter estimated that number to be under 5% in its fourth-quarter report. This contradiction has caused Musk to press pause on his deal, and he shared his thoughts on the platform:

The report determined about 70.23% of both active and inactive accounts that follow Musk on Twitter are fake or spam. Newsweek used the SparkToro/Followerwonk audit tool and reported that 49.3% of President Joe Biden’s followers were “fake.” All of this shows that if these estimates are accurate, many popular figures’ followers may mostly consist of spambots or computer-operated accounts. If Musk wants to operate Twitter as more of a public square, will Americans see more transparency regarding the number of accounts run by non-humans?

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